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Error Unknown Format Response error

Rapid account: Allada
6 months ago

All the services give: “Error Unknown Format Response” no matter the input (including the documentation examples).

Rapid account: Datascraper
datascraper Commented 6 months ago

We have some problems on the server.
Right now it should be back to normal.
We really apologize for this inconvenience.

Rapid account: Ik 9 Zm 5 M Fb F 4
ik-9Zm5mFbF4 Commented 6 months ago

This happens almost once a two month, service provider doesn’t response, never apologize about downtime. Yet Rapid API shows service level is 100%.
Can’t understand.

Rapid account: Cary Howell
cary.howell Commented 6 months ago

This is now 6 hours old and unresolved. What is up with that?

Rapid account: Husam Arahman
husam.arahman Commented 6 months ago

we really need to be notified of outages and how long you think itll take to get back up.

Rapid account: Johnnymaccardo
johnnymaccardo Commented 6 months ago

Also down for me. Help Help

Rapid account: Husam Arahman
husam.arahman Commented 6 months ago

Its down. Can we get some help here

Rapid account: Vaibhavcloudfirst
vaibhavcloudfirst Commented 6 months ago

Same here

Rapid account: Clarabella Consulting
ClarabellaConsulting Commented 6 months ago

I am also getting this error.

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