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Issues with v3/for-sale not returning all results

Rapid account: Clarabella Consulting

I have been running my script against this API for months and have never had this issue. I have had the API be unavailable, but never behave like this when it was available.

If I am running a test in RapidAPI, I regularly get error 500.

When I run my python script, it says there are 7856 results, I have it go through in batches of 200. It stops after 1400 have processed.

This is after applying a sleep timer for 5 seconds before looping. If I run it without a sleep timer, I get 1 maybe 2 cycles before it ends.

What is going on with the API?

Note: I ran this script on Friday with no issues, and no changes have been made to the script.

Rapid account: Clarabella Consulting
ClarabellaConsulting Commented hace 4 meses

It started working shortly after I submitted this request.

Rapid account: Datascraper
datascraper Commented hace 4 meses


Can you provide the endpoint complete with its parameters so we can trace the issue?

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