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Reduced Price - For Sale endpoint

il y a 5 mois
About a week ago, I use to get listings with a reduced price (in the last 24 hours). Meaning when I request listings with a price reduced, I get ones that had a price change starting yesterday. I don't ones starting today. 
avatar commented il y a 4 mois

This is what I am using:
url = “

querystring = {“offset”:“0”,“limit”:“10”,“state_code”:“MI”,“city”:“Detroit”,“sort”:“newest”,“price_reduced”:“true”} <–Sample

As you can see, I am sorting by newest and price_reduced = true. It use to pull price reduced for today. Now, it only pulls for what was price_reduced yesterday. It no longer has the real time results like when I search for new houses on the market.

datascraper commented il y a 5 mois


Please provide endpoint and parameter you used


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