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Error Code 4, Quota limit Exceeded

il y a un an

Somehow my application (using this api), which was working well literally last month (somewhere in 20’s days of February this year), now it returns Error, Code 4, “Quota limit exceeded” for every query. And it’s interesting, it began from the very first query of this month of working; I can understand when this error would appear from the n-hundreds or more, but it came from the first. As I can see, this api is fully free. So why?

nxthor commented il y a un an

the original API has limited amount of requests per timeframe. so when all the rapidapi users mesh their buttons the quota will be met soon 😃. you could also get an free account with deezer and not share the quota of all rapidapi-users

malthusian commented il y a un an

I had the same problem, I spammed the “Test Endpoint” button several times, now it doesn’t show me the error, pretty weird way to resolve this I know but it works.

jakis3995 commented il y a un an

Oh, okay. I’ve overcame this problem just simply by adding numerous times to try to get info without any error. Now it works, as should be.

anshapp89 commented il y a un an

same problem

guhotmail commented il y a un an

same problem

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