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On today’s competitive app market the ability to do things differently is the key to success. In a weather app, accuracy is the most important thing. Foreca Weather API helps you build an outstanding user experience with premium quality accuracy.

Make point forecast queries based on coordinates or location name

Foreca Weather API delivers real-time calculated weather forecasts and closest observations to every coordinate point in the world. The interface is ideal for integrating weather information into mobile, web and navigation applications or proprietary systems.

Current Conditions
In addition to forecasts, the API includes the latest measurements from tens of thousands official weather stations worldwide. Foreca gathers observation data from the official SYNOP and METAR weather stations and other similar high-quality sources worldwide. Observations are given from the closest relevant weather observation station that would best tell the weather at the forecast location.

Synthetic Observations
As official weather stations are not everywhere, Foreca Nowcasting technology enables forecasting hyper-local current conditions also in locations that do not have a weather station close-by. The so-called synthetic (or augmented) observations are calculated in real-time to any coordinate point worldwide. Nowcasting technology is used for rain, temperature and cloudiness to dramatically improve their accuracy. The other parameters are interpolated from the forecast data.

15-Minute Forecast
Foreca provides forecasts in 15-minute steps for the following couple of hours, starting from the zero-time (synthetic observation). Rain, temperature, and cloudiness parameters are provided by Nowcasting technology and the other parameters below are broken down from the hourly forecasts’ data sets. 15-minute steps are recommended to use for the following 2 hours maximum.

Hourly Forecast
With hourly forecast data, you are able to receive weather forecasts in one-hour steps. Hourly forecast is adequate to show detailed weather forecasts in the coming days as a table or graphical module. In addition to 1h steps, additional 3h and 6h summaries are available. The data is provided for the next 14 days, including the current day.

Daily Forecast
Daily forecast is a 24-hour summary of the day. The data is provided for the next 14 days, including the current day.

Add-On modules
Foreca provides the following weather information data that can be delivered together with Foreca Weather API: Weather Maps, Weather Warnings, Weather History, Ski Resort Information, Weather Notifications, Climate Data, and Marine Weather

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