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API Unreachable?

il y a 10 mois

Any thoughts on why I’m getting this message?

{2 items
"messages":“The API is unreachable, please contact the API provider”
“info”:“Your Client (working) —> Gateway (working) —> API (not working)”



gaurmanojkumar530 commented il y a 9 mois

Sorry for the late reply. (Please create a new or root comment instead of sub-comments.
This is because RapidAPI only notifies me of root comments)

I believe the endpoint is up and running.
We have a self healing infrastructure (based on kubernetes).
It might take some time to detect and correct those errors.

Also whenever you get a 504 error it means that our service is down.
Any other error means something went wrong on RapidAPI’s end or your end.

Incase of a 504 error:
retry using exponential backoff.
retry after 30s, 1m, 2m, 4m, 4m, 4m …
(You don’t need to go longer than 4 minutes)
This is necessary to help our infrastructure heal fast.

lifedeathbothsame-b9VDFWKfFqi commented il y a 9 mois

Same is happening with me? any idea why?

gaurmanojkumar530 commented il y a 10 mois

Hi Mike,

We have also fixed website extraction endpoint. You may confirm this. Please feel free to contact us anytime.
gaurmanojkumar530 commented il y a 10 mois

Hi Mike,

We have identified and fixed the issue. All endpoints except for website extraction are now working. We will require a little more time to fix the website extraction endpoint. Thanks for reporting the issue. In the mean time while we work on the fix for website extraction do you have any more queries?


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