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summarize-text works in copy pasting in here in the website but not in Python API call

I am trying to summarize a short paragraph.

When I copy pasted the paragraph here in the website body “text”, the summarization was successful and the summaries were shown.

Check this:

But when I try it via the API call, it does not work and throws the incorrect data passed error.
I tried with the normal string text
as well as the encoded utf-8 text



I’ve been dying with this for 2 days, and I decided to open this request.
Please do help as soon as possible. Thank you!

P.S: Kudos for creating one great API 😃

gaurmanojkumar530 commented il y a 5 mois


Thanks for using our API.
We have urgent request from you please change your API key, you have mistakenly listed it in the images.
API keys are private.

gaurmanojkumar530 commented il y a 5 mois

Look at the sample code and let us know if it solved your issue.

url: https://gist.github.com/bhavyagaur99/81cea8a1c5e8e5bfc108bbab54312a01

Thanks for choosing us.

projectiitg2021-fMjpXaLjXJb commented il y a 5 mois

url: https://gist.github.com/bhavyagaur99/81cea8a1c5e8e5bfc108bbab54312a01
This saved the day.
Found where we went wrong.

Totally forgot about hiding the API key
Changed the API key.

Thanks a ton for the quick support!

gaurmanojkumar530 commented il y a 5 mois

We are glad that you solved your issue.

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