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Rapid account: Racuszek 55
4달 전

Hello, is it allowed to retrieve data received from Your API? For example, can I download the data to a json file and use it ?

I am using Your api in an application I am developing for an engineering paper, so I am curious about the Licensing issue,

Rapid account: Patrykgniewek 9
patrykgniewek9 Commented 한 달 전

Udało Ci się przetłumaczyć nazwy ćwiczeń na język polski?

Rapid account: Racuszek 55
racuszek55 Commented 2달 전

@patryk1117 Zgadza się, o co chodzi?

Rapid account: Patryk 1117
patryk1117 Commented 4달 전

Hej, też tworzysz tą apke na prace inżynierską?

Rapid account: Racuszek 55
racuszek55 Commented 4달 전

Okay, thank You for fast reply!

Rapid account: Justin W Fns XH T 6
justin-WFnsXH_t6 Commented 4달 전

If using the api you may not store the data in that manner. If you would like to purchase an indefinite use license with data and gif images to use as you wish please visit Exercisedb.io

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