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Ticker lookup not working

Rapid account: Sanpietro


I have tried multiple CIK numbers (quotation marks/no quotation marks) and I keep getting back the 400 not found error. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!

Rapid account: Last 10 K
last10k Commented 6年前

Closing ticket; customer hasn’t responded and endpoint is functioning correctly.

Rapid account: Last 10 K
last10k Commented 6年前

Thank you for confirming the endpoint. Can you confirm which CIK value(s) you are passing? We cannot reproduce the 400 error unless an invalid CIK is submitted and unfortunately the RapidAPI admin interface does not show parameter values passed by our users. To test further, you can use the example from the #cik-lookup endpoint with the return value of “0000789019” that correlates to MSFT.

Rapid account: Sanpietro
sanpietro Commented 6年前

I was trying the ticker lookup service on here in the sand box.

Rapid account: Last 10 K
last10k Commented 6年前

Hi, Sanpietro. Can you confirm which endpoint you are calling and what parameter values you are passing that returns the error so we can investigate further? Thanks.

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