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Streaming Availability API

Streaming Availability API allows getting streaming availability information of movies and series; and querying the list of available shows on streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, Max and Hulu across 58 countries!


To get an instant free subscription to start using the API, you can visit the RapidAPI page of the API.

With a free subscription, you can send 100 requests per day. To send more requests, you can upgrade to paid plans whenever you like.

Useful Links


  • Query streaming availability info of the movies and series via their TMDb or IMDd ids.
  • Search for movies and series via their titles, genres, keywords, release years on
    specific streaming services (e.g.: Get all the zombie action movies available
    on Netflix and Disney+)
  • Returned streaming availability info includes:
    • Deep links into the streaming services for
      movies, series, seasons and episodes.
    • Available video qualities (eg. SD, HD, UHD).
    • Available subtitles and audios.
    • First detection time of the shows on the streaming services.
    • Expiry date of the shows/seasons/episodes on the streaming services.
    • All the available options to stream a show
      (e.g. via subscription, to buy/rent, for free, available via an addons)
    • Price and currency information for buyable/rentable shows
  • Channel and addon support (e.g. Apple TV Channels, Hulu Addons, Prime Video Channels)
  • Output also includes TMDB and IMDb ids for every show.

Terms & Conditions and Attribution

While the client libraries have MIT licenses, the Streaming Availability API itself has further Terms & Conditions. Make sure to read it before using the API.

Notably, the API requires an attribution to itself, if the data acquired through is made public. You can read further about the attribution requirement on the Terms & Conditions page.


  • I run into an issue. How can I get help?

    • If the issue is related to the API itself, please create a post here, and we will help with the issue.
    • If the issue is specific to a client library, then you can create a new issue on the respective repository of the library.
  • API returned me some wrong data. What can I do?

    • Send us a message with details of your findings. You can click on the “Contact” button on this page. Once we receive the message we will take a look into the problems and fix the data.
  • I have a request to get a new streaming service supported by the API.

    • Send us a message by clicking on the “Contact” button on this page, and we will get back to you.
  • I need a client library in another language.

    • Send us a message by clicking on the “Contact” button on this page, and we will get back to you.
  • I need further details (e.g. posters, summaries, cast) about the shows. What can I do?

    • Streaming Availability API works very well with TMDB API, which can provide all the other info (that is not related to streaming availability) you need. You can pass the returned tmdbId field to the TMDB API’s movie-details or tv-series-details endpoints and get the other details of the shows.
  • What is the difference between Streaming Availability API and TMDB API?

    • The Movie Database (TMDB) is a community built movie and TV database, similar to IMDb. Their free API provides access to their database which includes posters, summaries, cast, and many other details about the shows. TMDB API’s own streaming availability information data does not include deep links or any of the other features of this API such as available subtitles, audios, video qualities etc. Thus Streaming Availability API and TMDB API work hand in hand to get you all the details of the shows.
  • What is RapidAPI?

    • RapidAPI is the world’s largest API marketplace. We use RapidAPI to handle the API subscriptions for us. You can instantly subscribe to Streaming Availability on RapidAPI and start using the Streaming Availability API through RapidAPI right away.

Client Libraries

  1. Go
  2. TypeScript/JavaScript

Services Supported

Service Id Service Name Supported Countries
netflix Netflix 57 Countries
prime Amazon Prime Video 56 Countries
disney Disney+ 38 Countries
hbo HBO Max 24 Countries
hulu Hulu United States
peacock Peacock United States
paramount Paramount+ 18 Countries
starz Starz United States
showtime Showtime United States
apple Apple TV+ 52 Countries
mubi Mubi 55 Countries
stan Stan Australia
now Now United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy
crave Crave Canada
all4 All 4 United Kingdom, Ireland
iplayer BBC iPlayer United Kingdom
britbox BritBox United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa
hotstar Hotstar India, Canada, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Singapore
zee5 Zee5 58 Countries
curiosity Curiosity Stream 57 Countries
wow Wow Germany

Countries Supported

Country Code Country Name
ae United Emirates
ar Argentina
at Austria
au Australia
az Azerbaijan
be Belgium
bg Bulgaria
br Brazil
ca Canada
ch Switzerland
cl Chile
co Colombia
cy Cyprus
cz Czech Republic
de Germany
dk Denmark
ec Ecuador
ee Estonia
es Spain
fi Finland
fr France
gb United Kingdom
gr Greece
hk Hong Kong
hr Croatia
hu Hungary
id Indonesia
ie Ireland
il Israel
in India
is Iceland
it Italy
jp Japan
kr South Korea
lt Lithuania
md Moldova
mk North Macedonia
mx Mexico
my Malaysia
nl Netherlands
no Norway
nz New Zealand
pa Panama
pe Peru
ph Philippines
pl Poland
pt Portugal
ro Romania
rs Serbia
ru Russia
se Sweden
sg Singapore
th Thailand
tr Turkey
ua Ukraine
us United States
vn Vietnam
za South Africa