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il y a un an

I’m testing the API with the free plan for an app I’m building. I’ve noticed that requesting cities from a country without additional parameters gives me 100 results, instead of all cities in the country. Why is there such a limit? It is not mentioned in the description or pricing pages.

natkapral commented il y a 6 mois


You can do it by passing a query parameter: order_by=population
This will sort cities by population in ascending order.

stef5812 commented il y a 9 mois

Does anyone know how to orderby popultion for example

andriusjavait commented il y a 9 mois

any chance get all cities in country ? or only you have to call 5 more request using links, anyway my point i want get all result not just 100? if its not possible i will unsiscibe because i paying a lot but not get functionality

natkapral commented il y a un an


Currently the system returns maximum 100 results per page for free users and 1000 for paid plans. Data includes cities and small towns If you use ‘page’ parameter you can retrieve all data page by page, Also you can use ‘min_population’ parameter to return only big cities by specifying the minimal population.

I would be able to provide more help if you can describe me your use case.

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