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Owner information is not consistently available with API

il y a un an


I have run the get property by ID API yesterday against many Addresses and found that it didn’t include Owner Name, but it does seems to return the same today.

For Ex:
1110 Woods Dr, Liberty, TX 77575 => didn’t produce the Owner Name yesterday but it includes it today.

There are still some which doesn’t produce Owner Name
For Ex: County Road 140, Liberty, TX 77575

And there are some others which doesn’t even recognize the property
For Ex: Highway 62 N 77632, Orange, TX 77632

Why Is there an inconsistency with API results between yesterday and today, can we expect the missing ones will be available some time in future?

realtymole commented il y a un an

Hi there Ramkumar92,

Our sincere apologies for the data inconsistency you experienced yesterday. The missing data elements may have been due to a couple of reasons:

  1. We experienced a brief, backend service event yesterday which may have affected the data elements returned in our API responses. This did not impact our uptime, but it could have impacted the data that you pulled back.

  2. We regularly refresh data across the United States but typically focus our data refreshes on higher populated or commonly queried regions. If you queried a low population or uncommonly queried location, the data coverage may have had some gaps in it that our scripts refreshed after your queries were registered.

If you have areas that you will commonly be querying you can let us know and we’ll pre-populate those areas and focus our refresh on them so your data returns will be more consistent. You can email us at if you’d like us to make sure we have good coverage for the areas you’re querying.

Thank you!

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