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No information in "product_information"

Rapid account: Nsen 19
4 months ago

There is cleary information on the product webpage in Product Details section:

But when running “Single Product Detail” request for this product all I get back in product infomation is:

{‘dimensions’: ‘’,
‘weight’: ‘’,
‘available_from’: ‘’,
‘available_from_utc’: ‘’,
‘available_for_months’: 0,
‘available_for_days’: 0,
‘manufacturer’: ‘’,
‘model_number’: ‘’,
‘department’: ‘’,
‘qty_per_order’: 30,
‘store_id’: ‘’,
‘brand’: ‘’}

… nothing.

Somewhat useless API if one cannot get that basic info.

Rapid account: Sumner Inc
sumnerInc Commented 2 months ago

All the following links have a “Product information” section even the link you mentioned. Check the following ASIN

  • B07CNVJ6RQ
  • B086WCV7TF

All of their informations are coming in empty

Rapid account: Restyler
restyler Commented 4 months ago

Hi! Techinically this product does not have a description, as a description is a particular, pure text, block (for example, see - it has “Product Description” section). The B07CNVJ6RQ product has some custom HTML with “description”… unless this problem affects a significant amount of products (hundreds of products) it won’t make a lot of sense to fix it.
Do you have more products like this? Please share, I will investigate it on my side as well.

Rapid account: Nsen 19
nsen19 Commented 4 months ago

Checking if there are any plans to address this issue?

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