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summary languages

Rapid account: Brunolovecode
5 months ago

How can we do to have the summary in other languages than english as french, chinese, and so on?

Rapid account: Brunolovecode
brunolovecode Commented 4 months ago

Awesome !! Thanks @reStyler, I’mma check it and give you a feed back later.

Rapid account: Restyler
restyler Commented 4 months ago

I have added an option to control target language, please review the updated API page and let me know.

Rapid account: Diegofelipesales 23
diegofelipesales23 Commented 5 months ago

I try it, but don’t work :
endpoints: (builder) => ({
getSummary: builder.query({
query: (params) => /summarize?url=${encodeURIComponent(params.articleUrl)}&length=3&lang=pt

*** &lang=pt.
did anyone get it?

Rapid account: Brunolovecode
brunolovecode Commented 5 months ago
Yea sure, I just noticed that. Can we forced the output language ?
Rapid account: Marcolaleal
marcolaleal Commented 5 months ago

could identify the language of the original article and return the answer in the same language

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