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Rate limit headers correct?

Rapid account: Scottisafool
6 months ago

When I make calls to the scrape-js endpoint, I’m getting the following back in the response headers:

“x-ratelimit-js-enabled-requests-limit”: "100"
“ratelimit-remaining”: “99”

The remaining limit doesn’t seem to change even though I’ve made about 6 calls since the limits reset at the start of the month.

I was going to use this gauge my usage from within my app so I can get a warning when limits are low, but if it just stays at 99, that’s not overly useful.

I appreciate this could be a rapidapi issue.

Rapid account: Restyler
restyler Commented 6 months ago

I suspect these 100 reqs are monthly limits of a free plan, so the behavior looks correct to me. Let me know if this is not a free plan though…

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