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Is it possible to wait/delay by time?

Rapid account: Strempkedanny 619
לפני 5 חודשים

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to wait by time after a button is clicked and would it be possible to wait a set amount of times between clicks?

Rapid account: Strempkedanny 619
strempkedanny619 Commented לפני 5 חודשים

I really just need the browser to stay open for a little longer because after I hit the search button I get a response back from the api before the page fully loads the info I need. Is there a way to make it wait before closing the session or can it be implemented?

Rapid account: Restyler
restyler Commented לפני 5 חודשים

Hi! You are talking about /scrape-js endoint, right? There is no such way now, I believe.
From my experience, timeouts in these scenarios make the whole request very fragile (considering that clicking a button makes some http request), especially when proxy with varying connection quality is involved in the process.

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