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Betfair Updating Slow?

Rapid account: Temelaudio
5 months ago
Hello, I have been testing this api and have noticed that when I pull the data, everything seems to be up to date except for betfair.  When I check betfair's website against the nfl lines, they are almost always off by 5%.  Is betfair very volitile and I'm just not checking the lines quick enough? 
Rapid account: Theoddsapi
theoddsapi Commented 5 months ago

Thanks for reaching out.

At present we cover Betfair Exchange, not Betfair Sportsbook. This might be the cause of the difference. We have plans to add Betfair Sportsbook in the near term.

If you still encounter the issue, we will be happy to help over private message. Please include the API url being called, and the region that you are accessing their website from. Thanks for your assistance.

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