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Can't find agency ID for Playa Vista

il y a 4 ans

I am trying to use your API to get the route arrival times for Playa Vista for an app we are making for the Playa Vista community but I can’t seem to get the ID that is required for the calls. I tried using the agency endpoint and using the geo_area of where Playa Vista is but it returns no results. It must be working since this exists: but I just need the agency ID to continue. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

gunnjerkens commented il y a 4 ans

Thank you very much!

transloc commented il y a 4 ans


Thanks for reaching out to us. We currently do not have OpenAPI access enabled for the Playa Vista transit agency. We use a separate set of APIs to power the TransLoc apps, like Microtransit and the mobile web site. The option to share data through the OpenAPI, or not, is totally up to our agency partner. If you’d like to reach out to the agency, they can contact us at to enable public access to their data. I have two contacts you can reach out to: Brett Baum ( or Dawn Suskin (


gunnjerkens commented il y a 4 ans

It does come up here: when you search playa vista on the map

gunnjerkens commented il y a 4 ans

it doesn’t seem to be listed here:
but how does it have a transloc page then?

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