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Send SMS, mail, push notifications and more using your preferred channels, all from one integrated platform. Manage your content, view unified logs and statistics. Notify.eu provides a free subscription to get started. Currently, Notify supports following channels (more coming soon !) : Mandrill, Mailjet, SendGrid, SMTP, Twilio, Firebase, CMTelecom, RingRing (SMS and voice), Webhook and Slack. Feel free to contact us ([email protected]) for questions or custom requirements.
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Full docs

The complete documentation for Notify, including a complete quickstart guide, can be found on our docs website.


Notify is incredibly easy to set up. We will guide you through the setup process so you can perform your very first Notify call.


Start by creating your own Notify Account. You can do this by going to the Notify website. After registration, you will receive your credentials for our API. In our app, you can manage your credentials as desired.

Setting up a channel

A channel contains backend service credentials Notify needs to be able to send messages on your behalf to your client base or users. A message can be an email, text message or a push notification. Each channel is linked to a service of your choice (e.g. Mandrill, Twilio, smtp, Slack, …). For more info, see Setting up a channel.

Create your templates

After setting up at least one channel, it is time to create a template. A template will be combined with API parameters to compose a message to be sent to the end-user. Message templates can be different for different channels, but the API call will be the same. See Create template for more detailed info.

Test your API

There are two ways to test your template :

  • From our app : each template has a test button that allows you to send a message to a custom recipient
  • Using the API : make an API call through Postman or any other REST API client, using the minimal structure show in our documentation example. Make sure you change the notification type to your template name, and fill in the correct credentials.
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