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TrustServista Text Analysis API Overview

Enhanced Text Analysis capabilities: language detection, summarization, webpage content and metadata extraction, named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, semantic content comparison, IAB and IPTC content classification, document vectorization.

TrustServista is a software solution provided by Zetta Cloud ( Read more:

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TrustServista - Text Analysis API

TrustServista is a Deep Natural Language Understanding platform that allows the analysis and verification of offline & online content.

TrustServista Text Analysis offers the following endpoints:

  • TEXT: Extract clean text from an URL or raw HTML.
  • SUMMARY: Automatically generate a summary for an URL or raw text.
  • ENTITIES: Extract named entities from an URL or raw text.
  • COMPARE: Calculate the semantic similarity between two URLs or pieces of raw text.
  • SENTIMENT: Extract the sentiment from an URL or raw text.
  • CLASSIFICATION: Classify the content from an URL or raw text using IAB and IPTC taxonomies.
  • LANGUAGE: Detect the language of a given URL or raw text.
  • VECTOR: Vectorization of a given URL or raw text.
  • METADATA: Verification and metadata extraction for an URL or raw text.

Getting the Credentials

You can simply use your RapidAPI account to purchase a TrustServista subscription, or try the API for free.
There is no need to register for an API key on the website.

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