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Thirukkural Overview
Thirukkural is a simple quotes service. The original Thirukkural is a collection of 1330 Tamil couplets that discuss various aspects of life. Visit
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To begin using the API, you will need to obtain an Application ID. Get your application id{number}?appid={appid}&format={format}&jsoncallback={callbackfunction}

  • The REQUIRED parameter number is used to specify the kural number.
  • The REQUIRED parameter appid is used to specify your Application ID.
  • The optional parameter format is used to specify a response format.
  • The optional parameter jsoncallback is used to specify a function wrapper.

In all requests,
Replace {number}with any of 3 valid values:

"200" - To fetch particular Kural by number use any Integer between 1 to 1330.
"rnd" - To fetch random Kural use string "rnd"
"350-360" - To fetch Kural between any two number use hypen '-' between any valid integers. i,e to return kural between 20 to 30, use "20-30". Current version is limited to 20 kurals per request.

Replace {appid} with valid application id and replace {format} with either “xml” or “json”.

If you just want the JSON, with function wrapper, define your own callback function name. To define your own callback function name, add the parameter jsoncallback with your desired name as the value. Apparently you must use json as a format if you want use jsoncallback.
jsoncallback=parseMe -> parseMe({…});

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