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Glasshat API Documentation

Glasshat generates customised and prioritised Digital Marketing recommendations that tell you exactly what you need to focus on to get tangible results that matter to you. Our proprietary software also reviews your online competition to customise a plan that gets the best results for your website and conversions for you. This set of public API endpoints control the majority of the features enjoyed inside our application.

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GET/account/0/clients (Get owned clients)
POST/task/{task_id}/update (Update action task)
POST/client/create (Create client)
GET/client/find (Get all clients)
POST/project/create (Create project)
POST/client/{client_id}/update (Update client)
POST/project/{project_id}/update (Update project)
POST/project/{project_id}/delete (Delete project)
GET/client/{client_id}/projects (Get client projects)
GET/account/0/get (Get account profile)
GET/project/find (Get projects)
GET/client/{client_id}/get (Get client)
GET/project/{project_id}/tasks (Get all action tasks)
GET/account/0/projects (Get owned projects)
GET/task/{task_id}/get (Get action task)
GET/project/{project_id}/get (Get project)
POST/client/{client_id}/delete (Delete client)
GET/account/0/clients (Get owned clients)

List all clients belonging to the Glasshat account. Note this can be a subset of the API endpoint "GET /client/find" if the Glasshat account is granted access to other Glasshat accounts.

Header Parameters
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Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

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OAuth2 Authentication