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Rapid account: Asif 34
9 mesi fa

I have no card for Payment or Subscription and I want to subscribe the basic one so by which way i am being able to subscribe the basic one option.

Rapid account: Heapsolprojects
heapsolprojects Commented 3 mesi fa

These MF Over Charge my Credit Card. They Charge me 101$ instead of 10$. When i ask for refund they block my API Access. The Worst Part is Rapid Api team is not replying me and helping me on this manner. SO i am canceling my subscription so they cannot SCAM me Again. DONT USE THIS API SERVICE. THEY ARE ROBBERS.

Rapid account: Heapsolprojects
heapsolprojects Commented 3 mesi fa

These People are Fraud. They Over Charged my Credit Card Once I put my Information and now they are not replying. More Over they keep Deleting my Comments so they can continue scamming people.

Rapid account: Deleted
[deleted] Commented 8 mesi fa

Please i did not set up any account with you and therefore do not take money from my account. Under no circumstance should you collect money from my account so you must refund the $65 you took from my account.


Rapid account: Gofitech
gofitech Commented 9 mesi fa


Please contact for any payment issue.

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