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Threads for ultra package

Rapid account: Cnhien 12
8달 전

How many maximum of threads for ultra package ???

Rapid account: Heapsolprojects
heapsolprojects Commented 3달 전

These MF Over Charge my Credit Card. They Charge me 101$ instead of 10$. When i ask for refund they block my API Access. The Worst Part is Rapid Api team is not replying me and helping me on this manner. SO i am canceling my subscription so they cannot SCAM me Again. DONT USE THIS API SERVICE. THEY ARE ROBBERS.

Rapid account: Jfoxmike 71
jfoxmike71 Commented 3달 전

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Rapid account: Heapsolprojects
heapsolprojects Commented 3달 전

These People are Fraud. They Over Charged my Credit Card Once I put my Information and now they are not replying. More Over they keep Deleting my Comments so they can continue scamming people.

Rapid account: Gofitech
gofitech Commented 7달 전


ULTRA Plan has 4 concurrent requests

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