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Enter a username and we’ll help you by scanning for a person’s profile across 996 social media websites.

Scans include different analysis and detection modules, and you can choose the number of targets to use during the investigation process. The detection modules utilize a rating mechanism based on different detection techniques, which produces a rate value that starts from 0 to 100 (No-Maybe-Yes). The analysis and public extracted information from this OSINT tool could help in investigating profiles related to suspicious or malicious activities such as cyberbullying, cybergrooming, cyberstalking, and spreading misinformation. It can be used during the early reconnaissance phase of a penetration test or to help inform red team activity. It’s also popular with financial technology companies trying to expand their KYC processes.

Scanning Features:

  • String & name analysis (Permutations and Combinations)
  • Find a profile using multiple techniques (HTTPS library & Webdriver)
  • Multilayers detections (OCR, normal, advanced & special)
  • Search prioritized by Alexa top-ranking
  • Profile screenshot, title, info, and website description
  • Find name origins, name similarity & common words by language
  • Find possible profile\person age (Limited analysis)
  • Multi-threaded scanning workers for rapid results (default 15)
  • Re-checking option for failed profiles
  • Filter profiles by good, maybe, and bad

View the entire list of 996 sites that Social Scanner scans:

Here is a list of the top websites that we scan:

  1. Facebook
  2. GitHub
  3. Reddit
  4. VK
  5. Twitter
  6. Instagram
  7. Twitch
  8. Ebay
  9. SoundCloud
  10. Pinterest
  11. Spotify
  12. Medium
  13. Roblox
  14. SlideShare
  15. DailyMotion
  16. Trello
  17. Steam
  18. Scribed
  20. DeviantART
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