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Real-time price, product, seller, review data from Amazon US, DE, UK and many more GEOs. Amazon merchant data API returns product title, manufacturer, reviews, size selection, retail price and much more in real-time. To receive data on one or more offers for products you just request the API with a specific identifier (GTIN, ASIN, ID, term) as well as a country code (us, de, fr, etc.).

Amazon merchant data API enables the user to search for multiple products on Amazon marketplace by country.

The search is real time.

You can search by three different keys. Possible values are:
GTIN: The Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is an identifier for trade items, developed by GS1. It contains subsets of EAN, UPC and JAN numbers.
ASIN / id: Amazon specific product ID
Term: Any string search term. Result structure is different when searching by term.

Available countries: us, de, es, fr, gb or uk, in, it, jp, mx, ae, au, br, ca, cn

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