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Conversational artificial intelligence, or chat bot, that works out of box. Make your own Siri or Cortana. Customizable. Programmable. Free.

BrainShop enables your to create AI brains, which enables your application or devices to converse with people in human language. What can you do with this API? The below are a few ideas for your reference. Use your imagination to use it creatively!

  • Chat bot (yes, an old idea but still fun 😃
  • Virtual assistant (Another Siri or Cortana? Just better!)
  • Virtual teacher (Check out Learn English with Aco )
  • Chat bot for WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, …
  • AI Chat for Website (See an example at
  • Chat bot as a matchmaker (The bot is able to capture personal data during conversation).
  • Enable your robot to converse. (Try this API if you do have a robot!)
  • Add AI to your VR/AR products
  • Let players interact with characters in your game.
  • Make a pen that may chat with its user.

To make voice applications, just use BrainShop along with voice recognition and voice synthesis APIs!

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