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Why is the API free?

Why is it free? I am dubious about using these as I’m scared it could stop working any moment because it is free

Rapid account: Big Lobster
BigLobster Commented 2年前

Reduced the delay to 2 seconds.

Rapid account: Matteobarberis 99 R N 5 M Ozk Aa V
matteobarberis99-r-n5MOzkAaV Commented 2年前

Hi.Thank you for the reply 😃 what I really need is a fast urls. For now they are being slowed down by cloudflare every time. User attention span is extremely short nowadays and having to wait 5 seconds after clicking on a url is too much. Is this going to be fixed?

Rapid account: Big Lobster
BigLobster Commented 2年前

We have added paid rates for users who care about SLA.

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