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Rapid account: Prometeusweb

The download result link brings to a scam website

Rapid account: Satishch Net 8
satishch.net8 Commented 4年前

There are good Ads-free API for download youtube videos in mp3 format @

Rapid account: Lifehacker Rayhan
lifehacker-rayhan Commented 6年前
Rapid account: Cool Guruji
CoolGuruji Commented 7年前

Hi Promoteusweb,

You have not replied to the ticket. I’m still waiting for your concern.
Please reply,

Rapid account: Cool Guruji
CoolGuruji Commented 7年前


Why you’re saying this ?

Are you not getting any mp3 file or you’re talking about ads which open in the background after mp3 download ?

Please let me know your concern!

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