COVID-19 Vaccine Status For Usa

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תיעוד API של COVID-19 Vaccine Status For Usa

COVID-19 Vaccination Status for USA. Using this API developers can easily integrate to their application and retrieve the Vaccination status of any person from supported countries. As part of our Universal API catalogue, this is for USA. Vaccination Status API unifies endpoints and data models across vaccination status APIs from different countries and provider so that you can code just once and instantly integrate your app with many providers. We figured out the ins and outs each county and provider’s API so you don’t have to.   This Unified API helps you retrieve the Vaccination status of any person from supported countries with their consent. We are adding different countries and providers regularly as they are available. Using our unified API, Developers can connect with lots of different countries through a single API, eliminating the need to learn each country’s API Use Case: At Airports – Facilitates safer airline and cross border travel by giving both travelers and respective governments confidence in each traveler verified COVID-19 vaccination status At Any International Exhibitions - During an international event or any exhibition conducted by exhibitors like FICCI, CII by integrating DataChip Unified API with their application can able to safeguard their event   At Hospitality Industry – Another industry dramatically affected by the COVID -19 is the Hospitality industry by integrating the unified API with their application could regain confidence and safeguard the industry. If you have any questions about the API. Please send us an email to We do provide free support and our engineers will be happy to assist you.

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