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Credit Repair

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Hi! My name is George Clifford, A truck driver here in Denver .About two years ago I had a divorce and then I lost my Job afterwards. Most of our debts were in my name and I also had child support, I missed out on my payments for months because I was broke then. Right now all my debt has been paid, but the negative items still reflect on my credit score 610, 628 and 624. I applied for an auto loan for my new wife but was declined. I was introduced to Rootkits Credit Specialist by a good friend. They helped me remove the negative items and my score rose to 769, 771 and 775. I’ve been pre-approved thanks to them. You too can testify if you reach out to them on rootkitscreditspecialist@gmail.com or you can call 815 524 8116.

richarddelcruz59 commented לפני 10 ימים

I am happy I read about Hack West and didn’t hesitate to contact him. West was able to remove the judgment and eviction that was drawing me backward. I was skeptical at first because I lost some money trying to fix my report. Hack West didn’t only fix my credit he also did recovered my lost funds of about 89k USDT that was stolen from my wallets and even went ahead to increase my credit to high 700s across the bureaus. He is now my family hacker and I’ll recommend West to everyone in need of help. Whatsapp:+1 424 307 2638 or Email: Hackwest@ writeme .com.

maryosborne888 commented לפני 3 חודשים

For a long time, my credit was poor and my family needed a car but we couldn’t afford at the time and all the banks I tried to secure a loan I got declined not until I came across a legit credit repair company (Jaketechcreditfix at gmail dot com) He raised my credit score from a poor 466 to an excellent 785 on all 3 bureaus and permanently removed all the negative items on my credit report as well as the Chex system.

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