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Missing spreads for NCAAF

Rapid account: Ncaateaserleague
7 months ago
There are no spreads for any of the games this week.  What happened?
Rapid account: Michael U Lnhxf 1 X
michael-U-lnhxf1X Commented 6 months ago

Are we able to have a list of games that only feature the top 25 teams?

This will allow to show college football without having to display all the conferences.

Rapid account: Sportspage Feeds
SportspageFeeds Commented 7 months ago

I’m not sure how Apipheny works, but you can see spreads here:

If you enter “NCAAF” as the league parameter and “2023-09-08” as the date parameter and hit “Test Endpoint,” you should see odds in the results on the right side (check the second result of Illinois @ Kansas). If you change the date to “2023-09-09”, you’ll see the games for Saturday. You can also enter “any” or “spread” as the odds parameter and it will only return games with odds.

Rapid account: Ncaateaserleague
ncaateaserleague Commented 7 months ago

There isn’t a spread for a single game in the 84 NCAAF games listed for Friday and Saturday–there isn’t even a column for spreads when I try to populate into a Google Sheet via Apipheny (I’ve tried multiple ways at various times throughout the day. It seems unusual and didn’t happen when I used this API all last year.

Rapid account: Sportspage Feeds
SportspageFeeds Commented 7 months ago

Hi, there are spreads for a number of games, but you’re correct that there aren’t for some of them.

It appears to be games that involve non-FBS teams where most oddsmakers have not released lines. This is somewhat normal since it’s early in the year and teams are mostly not into conference play, but check back later in the week as this could change.

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