E-mail Check Invalid or Disposable Domain

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Easily check if a certain e-mail address is valid. Is it a valid domain? Is the e-mail a temporary/disposable e-mail? That’s a common indicator of spamming/trolling, so now there’s an API for you so you can easily block it!

The API was recently updated, and is now much quicker, and returns more information about which MX record was tested, etc.
Using this API you can easily check if an e-mail address is valid. The API will quickly check MX-pointers and find out if the mailserver is valid.
This way, you can easily catch typos in e-mails in signup forms, for example "someone@hootmail.com" which will return a “valid: false” since that domain doesn’t accept e-mails.
You can also block temporary e-mail addresses or block disposable mails! The API has a built in blacklist and multiple heuristic methods of checking if a domain is used for temporary disposable e-mails.

The API response now includes things like:
reason: Blacklist
mx_host: mail.mailinator.com
mx_info: Using MX pointer mail.mailinator.com from DNS with priority: 10

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