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Getting boundaries for a city.

Rapid account: Vikramaank 1
5 months ago

I can see there are endpoints for zipcode, county and state boundaries, but is there any way to get boundaries of a city ?
I tried public/boundary/place/San%20Francissco/state/ca etc. but in that case, it sends multiple polygon boundaries and seems like they are some places withing the city, not the entire city.

Rapid account: Faisolmakok
faisolmakok Commented 2 months ago

Yes, you can typically obtain boundaries for a city through various mapping and geographic information system (GIS) services. college brawl apk

Rapid account: Vanity Soft
VanitySoft Commented 5 months ago

Actually ** /rest/v1/public/boundary/place/San%20Francisco/state/ca** is returning correctly. Our data sources are Census & IPMUS NHGIS . Polygons returned from the endpoint are reportedly part of “San Fran,CA” . However, I will open a ticket with the providers to see if this is something that needs to be corrected.

Did you find any other cities with boundaries you were not expecting after using the /place endpoint?


Rapid account: Vanity Soft
VanitySoft Commented 5 months ago

This looks like an issue on our end. We should not be returning the Islands. expect a fix deployed momentarily.


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