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How up to date is the data?

Rapid account: Benjamin Rk GPLZ Hpd

I looked in the data dump section on the about page, is the data really from 2015? That can’t be the most update county and zipcode data…

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banhkyiglhuwppr564 Commented 23 days ago

Data that is up to date or current includes the most recent adjustments made at the Primary. The most recent transaction, for instance, is accessible at the Secondary if you are duplicating a database. football legends

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eddienel1098 Commented 2 months ago

Can we email about issues?

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rennerleland89 Commented 3 months ago

Can I email you to discuss some problems?
the backrooms

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VanitySoft Commented a year ago


Where did you see the date of 2015? We will update asap.

Our latest polygon update comes from September 2021 ZCTA files.

If desired you can download the shapefiles used from the Census website below:

Please let em know if you have any other questions or concerns. Also, if you have feature requests, we will be happy to review to put on our roadmap.

Looking forward to having you as a client.


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