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One-third of customers have given out a fake email address. If you’re experiencing high bounce rates, try our Global Email API to verify email addresses and remove up to 95% of bad emails. Increase deliverability and avoid bounces that can lead to blacklisting or hurt your valuable sender reputation.<br><br>

Key Features:<br>
• Pings each email to ensure it is active and can receive mail<br>
• Correct typos and illegal characters (, !gmail.con, etc.)<br>
• Provides FCC mobile domain detection for CAN-SPAM compliance<br>
• Includes Whois registration details for free (registrant, creation date, domain age and more)<br>
• Deliverability Confidence Score to predict the probability of mail being successfully received by the recipient<br><br>

For documentation, swagger interfaces or code samples, visit our Developer Portal.

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