Airport On-Time Performance

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The Amadeus Airport On-time Performance API estimates the overall punctuality of flights from a given airport on a given date. The API uses machine-learning models trained on Amadeus historical flight delay data to return the overall percentage of on-time flight departures from a given airport.

Why airport performance?

Knowing airport on-time performance gives you actionable insights you can use to:

  • Help travelers decide between various departure or layover airports.
  • Analyze airport performance trends to better plan and allocate resources.


This API is designed to make performance predictions about major airports with a significant flight traffic.

About Amadeus data

For over 30 years, Amadeus has been a leading IT provider for the global travel industry. Amadeus runs the world’s largest data center devoted to travel and processed over 640 million bookings and 55 petabytes of data in 2018. Using this historical data, Amadeus has trained machine-learning models and published the travel industry’s first AI-powered APIs on the Amadeus for Developers platform.

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