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Rapid account: Deleted
il y a 3 ans

Hey, anyone know what’s going on? Service is not available. Will this API be coming back up soon?

Rapid account: Deleted
[deleted] Commented il y a 3 ans

Dang, I wasn’t sure If it would come back up. I changed everything to another API. Object oriented…so not much work. I’ll have to change it back and get a paid plan when I get a little time. I am a little worried about the reliability to be honest. I’ll email you. Thanks for everything!

Rapid account: Amansharma 2910
amansharma2910 Commented il y a 3 ans


I just tested the API on my end. It’s working fine now. Actually I ran out of credits on my Heroku server. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Let me know if you are still facing any trouble. You can email me directly at

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