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API version Swap Database Error

Rapid account: Find My Double
7 anni fa

Good Morning,

We use your Facial Recognition API for our app FIND MY DOUBLE and I require your help urgently.

I have requested that our App support company Absolute Design, swap the versions of Animetrics from one version to the new one as requested via email to allow for the performance upgrade and loss of functionality to be expected on the current version.

However, they have informed me that the pool of people that populated the database previously has been lost and the 1000 or so images we have stored in their as part of the facial recognition app we use are not able to be recalled from the database.

Is there a way we can transfer the pool of images from the database on the previous version of the app to the new version of the app at all, for the continued functionality of the app? I have included the email detailing the instructions below which didn’t state any loss towards the database from one version to the next.

Obviously our app is currently inferior to the previous version until we can rectify this problem so if you can get in touch with me with a possible solution I would appreciate it.

I eagerly await your response.

Rapid account: Animetrics
animetrics Commented 7 anni fa

I believe that we have addressed this separately in a direct support thread. We only store images temporarily (per documentation) after a detect call so that it can be subsequently used for a recognize or enroll call. This is to protect our clients and users privacy, as well as our own liability associated with a possible breech of our database. Apologies for the misunderstanding but you must store the images of your users so that they can be reenrolled.

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