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Invalid API Key => We couldn't find the api key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi, I requested api key at and got email with it.
Now I am trying to detect face sending request with correct Mashape-Key (test or prod doesn’t matter)
And as a response I only get this error: Invalid API Key => We couldn’t find the api key: [my_api_key_from_email]

I’ve tried to send requests via web interface here at mashape and using php in my application like this:

$response = Unirest\Request::post("",
        "X-Mashape-Key" => 'MY_MASHAPE_KEY'
        "Accept" => "application/json"
        "selector" => "FACE",
        "url" => $src

responses are the same.
So how can I make it work? What did I miss?

animetrics commented לפני 5 שנים


The v1 system is deprecated so you need to use the /v2 URLs. Please try instead of

If you are still having problems, please email us directly at with your api and mashape keys.

klenmarket commented לפני 5 שנים

Yeah! Thanks a lot!
It helped )
It wasn’t clear that v1 is no longer supported

davidkhess commented לפני שנתיים

Following up to this, we have some old code that is using the v2 URLs and working but we are sending over an api_key argument in addition to the X-Mashape-Key header. Is the api_key field deprecated with v2 and no longer needed? I noticed that the example code doesn’t reference it at all.

davidkhess commented לפני שנתיים

However the code examples also don’t use the v2 endpoint - so not sure what’s going on there.

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