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MNP Support

7 years ago

Ported numbers are still showing with old Operators.
Does this API identifies operator with mobile number starting series?

blaazetech commented 7 years ago

As i said prior too, we have gathered the data from several sources and filtered them, if you get any challenges about the authenticity of information, please forward to us, if it comes under our terms, then we will surely respond to it.

skywalker commented 7 years ago


I have copied wrong question from my textpad. Below is what I am looking at:

What is source of Spammers database? Is this published by official telecom regulators?
If this API to be used in public, and if someone challenges the authenticity of information, kindly clarify.

blaazetech commented 7 years ago

Please read the documentation and API title correctly again, this API purely used to know if a number is a SPAM caller number or not, other than that it doesn’t provide any other features.
For knowing operator details based on starting series please use our another API indian mobile number info.

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