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The best Food & Grocery Store related APIs to integrate into your website, software, or mobile app!

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Grocery API

About Grocery APIs

Purchasing food at a grocery store is something most people do at least once a week. For consumers who like to plan their food run or search for the best deal, online applications can be a big help. Shoppers use websites to see what is on sale, search for coupons, plan menus, and write shopping lists. When a developer is creating a website or application focused on groceries or grocery stores, the project will make a connection to a grocery API.

What is a grocery API?
A grocery API is an online database with information about grocery stores and their products. There are many aspects to the food distribution industry. Some APIs related to this industry focus on food. With a resource like the Good Foods API, a user can access nutrition information about products by searching bar codes. Price is another factor. The Grocerybear API provides comparison data for the same products at stores in several cities.

How does a grocery store API work?

When a connected application sends a GET request to the API, the database sends back the requested information in JSON or XML format. Food-related APIs will let the user search by product or product category. A grocery store database has information about individual locations of a store chain. A grocery delivery API may deliver information about drivers or subscribers to the service.

Who would use a grocery store API?

There are many avenues for creating grocery-related applications that would call on an API. A developer might be working on a commercial application for a grocery chain to use internally. Consumer applications could revolve around price searches, nutrition information, or locating unusual ingredients. Health and wellness applications might also use a grocery store API to help users choose products that encourage healthy eating habits.

Why are grocery-related applications important?

Everyone must eat, and groceries take up a big piece of the weekly budget of most homes. Grocery delivery APIs make it easier for people with mobility issues to get the food they need. Grocery price applications help families with lower incomes get the most from their shopping runs.

What can a developer expect from grocery APIs?

With an approved connection, these APIs will give developers access to data about food products and grocery store locations. A grocery delivery API may have information about a delivery service’s client base and orders. A client’s application will POST the order to the API where the delivery service can find the information to gather the items and make the delivery.

Are there examples of free grocery APIs?

Many foods and nutrition APIs such as the Edamam API list information that is publicly available, so they offer access at no charge or have a freemium package for applications that make less frequent requests. Because grocery delivery APIs often have private client information, they may not be publicly available or will require a charge for use.

Best Grocery Store APIs

There are many food and recipe APIs out there, but we’ve gathered the top ones we thought were worth mentioning in this grocery store API collection. Use these APIs to help build grocery shopping lists, delivery, and other integrations.

Top APIs for Groceries

  1. Tasty API
  2. API
  3. Edamam Food and Grocery Database API
  4. Spoonacular API
  5. Nutrionix API

Summary: Most Popular Grocery Store APIs

APIPopularity ScoreLatencySuccess Rate
Search grocery product reviews by barcode6.8/101290ms100%
Recipes to grocery store5.1/101451ms100%

Related FAQ

Does Instacart have an API?

No, but they have a few open source projects located at

Which Grocery Stores have APIs?

Per Quora:

Most online grocery e-commerce websites have private APIs (that means, APIs that are not explicit to the public or to developers in general).

These are used mostly to exchange price and product information with Price Comparison Tools, that have to have access to real-time data to be able to inform the correct prices for every store at their websites.

Consider using the APIs in this collection instead for your grocery store API needs.

Which programming languages are the grocery store APIs available in?

RapidAPI SDKs are available in:

  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • Objective-C
  • .NET
  • RapidQL

Most APIs will return a JSON (and sometimes an XML) response.