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The data extraction API allows you to extract email, URL, domains, credit card numbers, telephone numbers and much more from any text.
Text can be provided as an input string or as file.
You can also extract text from many text files such as PDF, DOCX, XLSX, CSV and more.

Here’s a list of extraction tools available:

  • Alphanumeric values
  • Bitcoin address
  • Credit card numbers
  • Custom Regex
  • Dates (NLP)
  • Digits
  • Digits with Decimals
  • Email
  • File extensions
  • @Handles
  • #Hashtags
  • HEX colors
  • IBAN numbers
  • IP addresses (v4)
  • IP addresses (v6)
  • ISBN codes
  • Nouns (NLP)
  • Phone numbers
  • Sentences (NLP)
  • Text between XML tag
  • URL domains
  • URL top level domains
  • URL hashes
  • URL pathnames
  • Website URLs
  • Text between XML tags

API limits:

  • Payload size: 10MB (0.1MB for NLP extractors Dates - Nouns - Sentences)
  • Timeout: 180 seconds.

For more informations or to try out available extractors, visit

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