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Decode IoT device payloads

API Guide

Hi, thanks for checking out my API. This doc will be a quick rundown on how to use the API.


  1. A RapidAPI account. They’re free, just make one.
  2. An understanding of what an API is and how they work.
  3. (Optional) A sample payload of your own (So you can verify the API works for your solution)

Getting Started

At the top of the page there is a link that says ‘Endpoints’. Open this page in a new tab/window. In the section that loads below, there are 3 main panes:

  • Endpoints
  • Details
  • Code Snippets/Results

Select a version

I recommend using whichever version is denoted with (Current). New versions will be created as the API matures.


This is simply a list of all the endpoints in the API. The format I use is manufacturer/series/model. As an example, if you wanted to decode the payload for a Milesight AM104 the endpoint would be milesight/AM100S/AM104.

To test the API click the Test Endpoint button at the top of this pane.


Summary of all the details you can pass to the endpoint. The main sections of importance are the Optional Params and Request Body (you may need to scroll down).

Optional Params

Currently there are no optional params required. This may change in the future.

Request Body

This is where you can feed in your own payload if you’d like. It comes prepopulated with a sample payload that I used to test against.

Code Snppets/Results

Code snippets serve as an example of how to call this API from your code.
Results will contain the response from testing the Endpoint.

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