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Quick fix for images

Rapid account: Sensei Cain
il y a 3 ans

After going through numerous community APIs for Heartstone, I’ve found that this API is the easiest to query & has the best data structure. Though the images aren’t working.

Solution. There is another community API for Hearthstone that’s done a lot of work on their card images. They even have small rectangular images for use in a deck tracker of sorts!


I decided to use RapidAPI for the data, and referenced HearthstoneJSON for the images. Both APIs use the same IDs for cards, so you can concatenate the ID’s from rapidAPI to the HearthstoneJSON URLs given in the examples. Should work just fine.

Hope that helped 😃

Rapid account: Paulo Vasconcelos
paulo.vasconcelos Commented il y a 3 ans

thank you so much!

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