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eps option returns 500 error

Rapid account: Marchampson

Calls using the eps file option have started throwing 500 errors, no changes our side. Even testing the endpoint in RapidAPI with all default settings just changing file from png to eps gives 500:

“file”: “eps”


Rapid account: Qrcode Monkey
qrcode-monkey Commented 2年前

Sorry, regarding EPS it is working again. If you get errorCode 5 your uploaded image got deleted from the cache. Try to upload it again or use a image URL to avoid those issues. Please note that the upload cache is limited to 24 hours now.

Rapid account: Megan Hm Yjv 3 Xr 4
megan-hmYjv3Xr4 Commented 2年前

We’re using the default png format and are getting 500 errors as well now. Calling from localhost works, but calling through our firebase functions always returns a 500.

Rapid account: Alexcodeup
alexcodeup Commented 2年前

Don’t stress guys, the admins have found a way of deleting our vectors and images. Just re-upload using the corresponding API endpoint. Even better, create a fallback mechanism to catch the { errorCode: 5, errorMessage: ‘Image is not existing’ } response body and upload automatically.

Rapid account: Arabam
Arabam Commented 2年前

I agree, I also get this error. Svg format is functional.

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