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Address not recognized

Rapid account: Peter V 1 Psf A 217
vor 8 Monaten

This address 50 Southeast 12th Street Unit 2650, Boca Raton, FL 33432 is Google places confirmed but failed.

Is there a work around for these circumstances?

Rapid account: Realtymole
realtymole Commented vor 8 Monaten

Hi there,

What specific endpoint were you using, where you were not able to retrieve data for this address?

For example, I was able to retrieving property records information for it “(/properties” endpoint) using the following format without issues:

“50 SE 12th St, Unit 2650, Boca Raton, FL 33432”

For best geocoding results, you generally want to abbreviate directional strings (so, “SE” instead of “Southeast”), as well as street names (“St” instead of “Street”). That was likely the issue you were facing in this case.

I hope this helps!

Cindy Bellford
Realty Mole Support

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