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I assume the “Score” in this:
“title”:“FALSE: Hillary Clinton Wore ‘Secret Earpiece’ During Commander-in-Chief Forum”

is the Bot score, but was wondering if you could provide a little more detailed documentation about you schema for this API. Also, using RapidAPI forces users to create an account to view your data sources, which reduces transparency, can you add documentation either on your homepage (https://hoaxy.iuni.iu.edu/) or the FAQ page on the nature of the Hoaxy API. You’re initial release showed your sources and their schemas as well the significance of the key/value pairs withing the API you wrote. I don’t know if this because RapidAPI update or because the Hoaxy team adopted RapidAPI over their initial mechanism for retrieving data. I have read your FAQ and its well written for a user, but lacks some detail for someone trying to understand the underpinnings of your fantastic work.

truthy commented לפני שנה

Thank you for your interest in the Hoaxy API, and kind words! The score is actually the match between the search query that you submitted and this particular article.

We apologize that this API is not better documented. We currently lack the resources to do a nicer job. We do try to respond to issues on the Github repo for the Hoaxy back-end system (https://github.com/IUNetSci/hoaxy-backend/issues), which is linked from the Hoaxy website. I actually do not recall having the API schema or key/value documentation that you seem to recall. We should definitely improve this.

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