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What is Lookup?

Lookup allows you to systematically ascertain information about phone numbers. With Lookup, you can identify local-friendly number formats and reduce the likelihood of undelivered messages.

The Lookup API provides a way to retrieve additional information about a phone number. Lookup currently supports the following types of data.

  • Region-specific number formatting and validation
  • Carrier Information
  • Caller Name

Looking up a Number

First, decide what you’d like to know about your numbers. Format lookups are free and allow you to identify and adjust international phone numbers into E.164 format for optimal message deliverability. Carrier lookups cost $0.005 per lookup and Caller Name lookups cost $0.01 per lookup.

Once you’ve decided, make a request to the corresponding API endpoint and you’re good to go!

To retrieve both types (Carrier & Caller Name), you’ll need to make two separate requests to the API. One to the Lookup a Phone Number Include Carrier endpoint and one to the Lookup a Phone Number Include Caller Name endpoint.


A Twilio Lookup request that includes the Carrier will cost $0.005 per request.
A Twilio Lookup request that includes the Caller Name will cost $0.01 per request

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