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על ידי unitag | מְעוּדכָּן 11 days ago | Tools

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Doesn't return an an image

Rapid account: Mustang GB
8 years ago

Response gives a code 200, but the response body (the actual image) is empty.

Rapid account: Hadrienagc
hadrienagc Commented 6 years ago

Same here. Please resolve this please as soon as possible!

Rapid account: Thefuy
thefuy Commented 6 years ago

Return 200, but the image body is empty

Rapid account: Thefuy
thefuy Commented 6 years ago

Yesterday que API works fine, but today do not works.
The API call examples in this page dosenn’t works too.

Rapid account: Tkntobfrk
tkntobfrk Commented 6 years ago

Seems to be broken again

Rapid account: Muneeapp
muneeapp Commented 7 years ago

Haven’t changed my code and recently, it stopped returning an image. Is there another server issue?

Rapid account: Unitag
unitag Commented 7 years ago

Hello - We had issue with our server load. Sorry.

Is it still not working?

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